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 1 Kings 18:21-41



There is a spiritual revival in our land since the attack on the nine at Mother Emmanuel AME Church. It is a revival that is drawing many people toward the things of Christ. I am thankful for that revival.

We talk about revival, but this tonight I want us to take some time and consider what we are asking the Lord for.

The word revival roots are "re" which means again and "vive" which means live. So revival means live again.

I. What is Revival?
A. it’s not evangelism even though many souls may be saved as a result of it.
B. it’s Not emotionalism although there may be emotional manifestations connected to it.

C. It is not about seeing how good the church is.

D. Revival IS - Biblical Definition

       i. In the Old Testament, revival is best defined by looking at the word, chalaph. It is a military term that pictures a person, or military unit that is completely surrounded by the enemy, and has no way of escape. In Israel’s moments of greatest despair, God intervened and rescued them.

       ii. In the New Testament, revival is best described by the word, egeiro, which means "to awaken from sleep". The idea is that the Christian has fallen asleep in his devotion and commitment to the Lord, and God intervenes in his life & awakens him, thus "spiritual awakening".

D. REVIVAL is a renewal of spiritual life in an individual or among a group of people.

A Revival Is Needed:
A.   Whenever the love of God’s people has grown cold.  Has the love for God grown cold in the World? This country, this state, this area or in the small a place known as your heart?  Has the fire that was so strong once in your heart diminished because of the day-to-day responsibilities and natural things of this life?

B. Consider the symptoms that it needs to have revival grow cold.

1.    Complacency: self-satisfaction or satisfaction with the status quo. We are become self-serving and not a God serving people in this country.

2.    Lack of concern for the lost. That our needs become more important then the needs of the lost and un-churched, the needs of the poor and sick.

3.    Hiding or covering secret sins. / Doing things that we think no one else sees.

4.    Ill feelings towards other people and Christians. Holding a grudge that creates an obstacle in our walk and withdrawing from our fellowship with the Lord.

5.    Having an unforgiving spirit. Not able to let loose of our sin, forgiving our selves or others and causing a greater separation from God. How foolish is this path?

6.    Being filled with pride. The first Sin, man is a prideful being. Why do we hold this thing called pride so dear? If you had a bag of 100 lbs of manure how long would you like to carry it around with you?

7.    Any condition of spiritual standing where we are less than we were before:
It’s called the backslidden state!  This is where you are not ahead in your walk from where you were just yesterday.

In our text today we find that for 3 ½ years Elijah has been praying that it would not rain in Israel so that the people might realize they have sinned and brought God’s displeasure upon themselves. The drought was to prepare the people to repent. The drought was to awaken their sleeping conscience through the door of human need. God often has to get our attention in the natural, before He can speak to us about the spiritual. We begin to get a picture of man who’s concern for Israel was so great that he didn’t care if they suffered in the natural, if it led to spiritual revival.

James 5:17 Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.  The text in James doesn’t simply say, "he prayed," but that he prayed, "earnestly." He was so moved by their sinfulness that he earnestly asked God, "do whatever it takes to get this people’s attention."

Elijah was driven with a passion that his apostate nation return to God. The contest on Mount Carmel provides a biblical model for revival both for us and for our nation.

There are 9 elements of the contest on Mount Carmel in 1 Kings 18 that jolted a nation back toward God. Those elements for a revival are:
1. Elijah prayed earnestly.
2. Elijah helped them realize there was no middle ground anymore.
3. Elijah repaired the broken altar.
4. Elijah reminded them of who they were prophetically supposed to be.
5. Elijah arranged methodically the wood and the sacrifice
6. Elijah filled the altar with water.
7. The fire came down.
8. Sin was removed from the camp.
9. Spiritual restoration lead to earthly and financial blessing.



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